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A trip of three to five days can take in the county's excellent ecology and natural scenery, its variety of ancient Hakka homes and folklore, and visit some of the cradles of Han music and opera.Other sites include terraced rice fields, forest parks, wide mountain ranges, temples that date back more than 1,000 years and crystal-clear rivers where you can see fish swimming and stones lining the riverbed - all of which together have made Dabu known as "Shangri-La of the Hakka world".About 54 km to the north of Huliao town, seat of the county government and adjacent to Longyan city in Fujian province, is the Fengxi Forestry Park.Covering more than 30 sq km, the park has 745 kinds of plants, some quite rare, along with a coverage of massive ancient trees, with waterfalls pour water like from the sky.The buildings, generally built in an eight-trigram battle array, have many advantages - they are virtually quakeproof, fireproof and safe from theft. A masterpiece is the Hua'e Building in the county's Dadong town.

Central to tours of Dabu are Hakka cuisine and Han music or opera.

A typical dish includes salted chicken, homemade pork soup, Hakka style beancurd, local rice noodles, pork meatballs and pancake rolls.

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Ancient Chinese considered the sky round and the earth square, so many of the Hakka buildings are round or square to represent the earth and sky.

Made of rammed earth and timber with very thick walls, they were built to provide defense from enemies, bandits and even beasts.

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Far from the frenetic pace of Guangdong's industrial cities, the county of Dabu in the northeast of the province offers an enchanting escape to another world of lush forests, waterfalls and distinctive ancient architecture.