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The plans lands and everyone tells the truth about everything.

Charlie and Liz still continue dating, but Charlie made some good money that he won on a poker game from a rich guy that he had originally tore up to impress Liz and he later taped it back together. End credits show bloopers and that Gil is now just a dance host and is absolutely miserable.

However, Gil, figuring out that Charlie was in his room busts him in front of Liz and her mother who promptly dumps him and they decide to leave the cruise immediately. Herb and Charlie both realizing they are really in love with the women decide to go after them.

Herb and Charlie are preparing to launch a lifeboat to get off the ship.

The original music score was composed by Michael Muhlfriedel and David Newman.

Compulsive gambler Charlie Gordon cons his brother-in-law, widower Herb Sullivan, whose wife Susie was Charlie's sister, into an all expenses-paid luxury Holland America Mexican cruise.

I would never go out looking like this, but I felt it important to show the reality of a woman’s face — even though my face has been much tampered with and covered with expensive unguents over the years — is blotchy, puffy, lined … These women are the ultimate playground bullies: they know men hate make-up (my husband used to say I was like a moth, leaving dark smudges on him in my wake), so they pretend they need no help.I think it’s rude to bare your face to the world, although I’m sure an army of super-busy mummies will post comments saying they never wear even a slick of Vaseline on their lips, so adored are they by their husband and children, so packed their lives, so bright their brains.‘I listened incredulously to Liz Jones making the statement that for a woman not to wear make-up is arrogant,’ one emailed in.‘I am one of three daughters and none of us wears make-up due to the wonderful gene pool we inherited.’ Well, quite!Gil finds them and Herb finally stands up to him and tells him off.This sets off Gil who goes on a total tirade as Herb & Charlie leave, however Mrs.

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Vivian came on board on the ship with her daughter and her newlywed husband to help her start dating again.