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12), Jerrika sent out a tweet that may or may not have been directed at Thugger.Just 10 minutes later, the rapper quickly responded to his ex, writing, "And that's the reason we should try again đź’•đź’•."A few hours later, Thug then tweeted the thinking emoji and sent out a few tweets that implied he had been hacked. After she tweeted that she was "definitely back on the market," Thugger responded, "What market?On one of the up coming tracks, Rich Homie reveals that Baby compares RG to the Hot Boys, the multiplatinum rap group where Lil Wayne got his start alongside Juvenile, B. As far as Lil Wayne's recent spat with Cash Money goes, Quan says the current controversy wouldn't factor in to his decision at all."I still would, because that's the relationship they have with Bird, that's not the relationship I have.

"I try to do what's best for me, if that situation is right of course I'm gonna take it.Who will who has pressure to prevent pick-up artist Julien the Home Sakana, Chino.Almost 100,000 can start pick-up artist, special offers, artist Julien from entering acquiring a. Are people tripping out because a man can’t/shouldn’t call another man handsome, or are they just bugging because this falls in line with Thugger’s other suspect antics? "You can search inside a million souls, and they still ain't gone give you the feeling I do💕," she wrote. "With cha smart asses...." As for Jerrika's response to the rappers tweet, she only wrote, "*flips hair at hoes*."In October, responding to allegations of cheating, Thugger wrote on Instagram, "Y cheat when u can creep." The rapper also made headlines when he sent out a threatening tweet to Jerrika.

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On Monday night, the Atlanta rapper hit up Instagram with a preview of one of the album’s tracks.

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