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But that hasn't kept some developers from testing Apple's limits., what people consider to be acceptable may have its limits."While not a terms-of-service violation--no illegal activity--it could be argued that this behavior is broadly offensive and therefore violates the community standards.If this activity were in public areas it would be viewed as being broadly offensive, and therefore unacceptable." A teenage girl and her 'daddy' In an interview with CNET last week, Harper said that if a critical mass of "Second Life" participants were to ask that something additional be done about sexual age-play, Linden Lab would tackle the issue in some way.Some of the virtual world's biggest fans are shaking their heads over what users call "age play." This age-based role-playing can take on various forms: It can be as innocuous as people acting out a family dynamic, or as potentially troubling as two adults engaging in sexual role playing, with one of the avatars made to look like a child.While "Second Life" maker Linden Lab acknowledges that age play occurs in its virtual world, the extent to which it happens in its most discomfiting form is unclear.In short, adult avatars can be dressed in children's clothes, but it's still clear that they are supposed to be adults.Rued, who is a regular player on "Second Life," said she recognizes that Linden Lab is in a tough situation because it would be nearly impossible to police all of that virtual world for content.

"With technology, we can do exactly that if we felt it was necessary or important to do so," said Fleck.So far, there hasn't been a general outcry, she said.But Harper also pointed out that what has made "Second Life" popular among its 170,000 players--and it's growing at a rate of about 20 percent a month--is the freedom it affords people who want to try out new personas, particularly in private sections of the virtual world, she said.And if game managers did have the wherewithal to do it, many members accustomed to being left alone would quit.That said, she still thinks the company should find a way to rein in the ability to create child avatars for use in sex or violent play that would make others in the "Second Life" community uncomfortable.

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But "the data that we have doesn't support that that's a necessary action at this time.