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It opened on December 3, 1833, with 44 students, including 29 men and 15 women.Fully equal status for women did not arrive until 1837, and the first three women to graduate with bachelor's degrees did so in 1840.In ancient Rome, the availability of education was gradually extended to women, but they were taught separately from men.The early Christians and medieval Europeans continued this trend, and single-sex schools for the privileged classes prevailed through the Reformation period.Online degree programs at Ashford University challenge students and are geared to generate an expanded understanding across a multitude of subjects.Degrees across all areas of interest utilize a select mix of discipline and multi-discipline course work in order to effectively prepare students for potential careers relevant to their degree.The school continues in existence to the present day with around 1,250 pupils.

As time progressed, education became more structured and formal.In many online classroom disciplines such as Economics, Environmental Science, or Early Childhood Education, critical thinking skills are put to the test in weekly discussions and assignments.For example, examines the developmental stages of language acquisition from birth to age 6.The new free public elementary, or common schools, which after the American Revolution supplanted church institutions, were almost always coeducational, and by 1900 most public high schools were coeducational as well.In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, coeducation grew much more widely accepted.

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Utilizing over 50 unique disciplines, students enrolled in degree programs at Ashford University have access to the classes pertinent to their unique program.

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