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I'm a little drunk and we're tired." FRESH-FACED BEAUTY But it's probably more then Mullins' fresh-faced beauty that has attracted the controversial author. But Mullins is a double amputee - she was born without any shin bones and her legs had to be amputated below the knee on her first birthday.

Famed author's new love is 28 years younger HE used to turn heads with sultry actress Padma Lakshmi on his arm.

Now, author Sir Salman Rushdie is drawing stares again with his new lady, model Aimee Mullins.

At 1.75m tall, the slender beauty is 28 years younger - and at least 5cm taller - than her portly 60-year-old beau.

Although Mullins has told friends that she and Rushdie are only "close friends", onlookers say otherwise.

A source told the Daily Mail: "They certainly looked like they were on a date.

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“And I was very clear that I didn’t want a commitment.” When she discovered she was pregnant in 2009, she didn’t know who the father was.