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For away games they took the train, sometimes changing on board to save time.

In 1891-92, as the Newport and Wales formation of full back, 4 threequarters, two halves and 8 forwards began to catch on, AOE raised a 2nd XV.

A neutral referee, whose decision was final, had replaced the earlier two umpires.

There was also an Aston Old Edwardians Association Football Club, but it withered away after FJ returned to the school as a master.By 1889, when AOEFC was founded, the RFU law-makers had recognised the need for change.The twenty-man side of 1871 was reduced by 4 forwards and one half-back to fifteen.In that 1889-90 season we met Coventry Harlequins, Moseley Nomads & Harlequins, Warwick Avon Rangers, Harborne, Stourbridge, Bromsgrove and the King Edwards School 1st XV captained by Joe Manton, who was to be Aston's headmaster from 1913 to 1936. The following week AOE lost 8-11 to Old Edwardians 2nd XV.It is possible only two other matches against opponents were played in a season of heavy frost.

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Scoring by points replaced the earliest system that only took notice of goals (a try simply gave a chance - ' a try' - at kicking a goal).