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Her kids a few months old were sleeping soundly and apparently mom wanted a bit of relaxation.

She flagged me with great enthusiasm, lifting her tail and pulsing her pussy; to my surprise she was quite wet. During the off season when she’s unbred she’s something of a slut, that being a compliment, not an insult.

She’s nearly insatiable and will head butt the other girls when its time to compete for fun.

Her pussy, like all the girls in heat, swells and her clit grows, but for her its a beautiful transformation.

The other girls seemed to step back and acknowledge her special needs and superior rank, so I figured I should follow suit. I sat down on the cot and began to finger her pussy a bit and see how enthusiastic she.

I scratch her rump and made loving eye contact with her, the sign we would be having some fun. She hunched her back legs down and backed up onto my fingers. Slowly I started to finger her slimy smelly pussy as she stood firm, her pussy responding with gentle pulses and ripples.

She did so quite clumsily and rolled onto her back.She seemed to smile and pranced into the love stall. A grin creased her face as her pussy began to drip even more.I could see her pussy was dripping and swollen, she was quite eager. Even out of heat, her pussy was incredibly wet and I marveled at how she savored my cock, she’s special.Which brings me to one of our biggest common interests, ewe. Our dog, named Boe, was dedicated to his job; protecting the sheep.With an almost stupid boldness Boe had defended his girls from quite a few coyote, wild dogs, and the occasional skunk.

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He had seen this all before, but was usually very content to lie down and nap while he waited for his bed back.

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