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Free adult chat with virtual girl game

Ask it who shot JR in Dallas, and it will fire back the name Kristin Shepard. But when it comes to devices that more closely imitate human life, Japan is way ahead.There, virtual dating games in which real people interact with digital characters have been around almost as long as personal computers (the first went on sale in 1982).And, unlike earlier games, which could be stopped and started and lasted for limited periods of time, Love Plus is played out continuously in real time.It could, potentially, be played 24 hours a day for a lifetime – the game ends only if the 'relationship’ flounders.Players choose from one of three girlfriends, all of them high-school students: sweet, studious Manaka Takane, who loves tennis and baking; Rinko Kobayakawa, a loner, into punk music and potato chips; and Nene Anegasaki, who enjoys housework and horror films.

But a console is very close to having a real girlfriend.

Uchida is keen to dispel the myth that the players are all sad singletons lacking the social skills required to obtain a real girlfriend.

'People imagine players are generally single and not very successful with women,’ he says. There are people who consider this a substitute for a real girlfriend but most people play this as a performance, as a game.

The man behind the phenomenal success of Love Plus is Akari Uchida, a cult game creator with years of experience.

He has granted Stella a rare interview, which takes place in a meeting-room at Konami’s headquarters, set in the gleaming Tokyo Midtown development in the Roppongi district.

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