Executive professional agency for dating

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Members range from nurses/ teachers to Queen's Counsel & international business people.We are very successful for slimmer ladies* aged 24 to 53-ish* and men aged 28 to 59-ish.

Our Passive Membership costing from £295 enables our members to select you, to date.All our contracts are published so you can see what we promise before you join click here for details Up to £1700 refunded back towards approved training courses.We have a range of memberships, from £200 to over £10K, usually the younger you are, the lower the level of dating membership you require.SO WHY SHOULD WOMEN join our DATING AGENCY Well, simply because it is the QUALITY of our men that makes us OUTSTANDING We hold the most intensive interview of any dating agency in the UK, during which we screen out the sort of guys that have in the past wasted your time.We pass them on to other introduction agencies, who snap them up.

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Most good quality men are "off the market" by age 35 leaving a plethora of losers, mean, weak, emotionally cold, mummies boys and "players" to wade through by normal means.

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