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Way back in the Fifties, when I was a child of eight, I learned about indulgences albeit to a limited extent.

We were taught about partial and plenary indulgences, and in the front of our trusty Baltimore Catechism were pages of common prayers which listed the partial indulgence, if any, attributed to the prayer.

Examples of Invocations in Customary Use [Other invocations, as expressed in the vernacular, may be found in commonly used prayer-books.

Hence, a pious invocation perfects the inward elevation; both together are as a precious jewel joined to one's ordinary actions to adorn them, as salt added to them to season them properly.Since by their acts the faithful can obtain, in addition to the merit which is the principal fruit of the act, a further remission of temporal punishment in proportion to the degree to which the charity of the one performing the act is greater, and in proportion to the degree to which the act itself is performed in a more perfect way, it has been considered fitting that this remission of temporal punishment which the Christian faithful acquire through an action should serve as the measurement for the remission of punishment which the ecclesiastical authority bountifully adds by way of partial indulgence.n.13—The Enchiridion Indulgentiarium [collection of indulgenced prayers and works] is to be revised with a view to attaching indulgences only to the most important prayers and works of piety, charity and penance.When I think of physical penance, I think of the fifth century. Those members of my class who were destined to become MBA’s in later years quickly concluded that the most indulgence for the least amount of effort consisted in repeatedly praying the ejaculation, “My Jesus, Mercy”. took leave of the class, usually to pow wow with another sister in the hall outside the classroom, that book of hash marks came out and got updated.I am thinking of myself kneeling outside of the cathedral, on the cobblestones, in the middle of winter, in the snow, wearing sackcloth and ashes, renouncing my sins and asking forgiveness of all who pass. Three words of a total of five syllables were good for 300 days! In my opinion, the selection of “My Jesus, Mercy” by my third grade class as the go to prayer demonstrated remarkable discernment.

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Sheen’s last words to the man were “Before you die tonight; please do one thing for me; say ‘My Jesus, Mercy’”.