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FIFTEEN YEARS of proving this works UNIVERSALLY for men who have learned from me, and FIFTEEN YEARS of me also performing live DEMONSTRATIONS in bootcamp as well!And don't forget that I also focus on SCREENING women as well, so this is not about approaching drunk or promiscuous women, but rather about truly connecting with and attracting the very best women for a real relationship.When it comes to online dating and flirting, Dating Wizard can help.Browse through our extensive selection of articles, all designed with you and your dating experience in mind.This program is the ULTIMATE in EXCLUSIVE and PRIVATE coaching.

Some men learn best sitting down, others learn best going for a walk and discussing at the same time.

The fact is, I've also been proving this in BOOTCAMP for over FIFTEEN YEARS.

Men from around the world have LEARNED in PERSON from me the truth about how to go right up to women, including women with headphones on and all sorts of other situations, and attract them RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

The dating wizards are both men and women so there are perspectives from both sides on the dating game to help you.

There are even some light hearted stories and anecdotes from each wizard that shows the affect of different dating approaches on them!

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The FINAL step is to take things to the NEXT LEVEL by taking my BOOTCAMP program.

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