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He said the housing crisis would take the stock market and the entire U. Like the time he said the Dow Jones would soon cross 20,000 on its way to 32,000 by 2018. But first I have to give you some sad news: Larry Edelson passed away recently.

I thought the reporter would spit out his coffee when he heard Larry say that! His death came as a shock to his friends, family, the global financial community, and Larry’s thousands of avid fans across the world. But typical of Larry, he knew what was coming ahead of time and he planned ahead for it.

As my professional mentor and personal friend of 15 years, Larry passed the torch to me to preserve his legacy.

He made me Executive Director of The Edelson Institute.

Human beings tend to make the same mistakes, misjudgments, and misunderstandings again and again. But the Soviet bosses didn’t want to take any chances.

And they do so in predictable patterns that often resemble “waves.” That’s an important insight. So dangerous, in fact, that the man who first made this discovery was executed by his own government. And he wrote a book called “The Long Waves in Economic Life.” The book — really just a pamphlet — was only 23 pages long. On September 17, 1938, Nikolai Kondratieff was shot by a firing squad. Because he predicted communism would fail and be replaced by capitalism.

Armstrong’s cycle predicts that a major financial panic takes place every 8.6 years, or 3,141 days.

If the number 3,141 looks familiar to you, by the way, put a decimal point where the comma is and you’ll recognize it as “pi.” Which you may recall from your high-school geometry is the number that determines the diameter of a circle.

It will wipe out the lifesavings of millions of investors. It’s called “The K‑Wave” or “The Long Wave.” Whether you are totally wiped out by it — or whether you ride the “crest” of this wave to a level of wealth you never dreamed possible — depends entirely on what you decide to do today.What’s more, economic waves come in cycles that make changes in the economy easy to predict. This collapse is triggered by a stock market crash, a housing bust, or a run on the banks. At this point, the economic wave enters a phase of public influence. They’ve come up with even more accurate ways to predict major shifts in the economy.The government intervenes in the economy by printing more money. The 18-year investment cycle described by Simon Kuznets: Predicts "panic bottoms" in the market.According to the , “the EU could dissipate faster than even its detractors could’ve dreamed.” Meanwhile countries like France and Germany have watched the rise of politicians who promise to preserve the purity of their populations. Watching the news out of Europe nowadays is like watching a black-and-white newsreel from the 1930s. If they don’t get paid — or if they get paid in worthless euros — the fault lines in Japan’s own economy will crack wide open.Like Germany in the 1930s, the highlight of that newsreel could be the collapse of the European currency. And according to the K‑Wave, it’s happening right on schedule. Because even though Japan seems like a rich country, it’s actually a house of cards waiting to fall down.

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As they sip wine and nibble on cheese in their cafés …