Dating a walking cliche taras space

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While everyone in the city goes underground for a disaster preparedness drill, an oblivious Duckman thinks he's the last man alive and wreaks havoc -- until he finds a beautiful, deaf gymnast and falls for her.

The trapped city folk, meanwhile, begin to turn on each other during their attempted escape back to the surface.

After caring for a small girl (that calls her "mom") in the park, Bernice decides it's time to have children of her own.

Her hunt for a father doesn't go well, however, so she settles on artificial insemination — with sperm that turns out to be from Duckman.

Bernice returns home from a European vacation and announces that she is marrying a self-made billionaire who plans to take her, Grandma-ma, and the kids away with him to Switzerland, leaving Duckman alone.

Note: Lee Tergesen, John Mallory Asher and Michael Manasseri from Weird Science appear as themselves.After an incredibly bad day, Duckman simply wants to make it to Charles and Mambo's birthday dinner, but gets pushed too far by a dry cleaner.His ranting in the street (without wearing a starched collar) gets him arrested and committed to a state mental hospital for thirty days, where he settles into the routine and decides to stay, forcing Cornfed to break him out.Nelson, Bobcat Goldthwait as Cinque, the 1960s hippie; Jim Belushi as Saul Monella and a police officer, and Heather Locklear as America.At a new age fair, Duckman gets a visits from his dead mother (voiced by Katey Sagal)--reincarnated as a highly infectious germ because of how terrible of a mother she was.

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Duckman takes his children to the unveiling of a supercomputer named Loretta.