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Date a live yoshino

Later at home, Yoshino is preparing dinner for Shido.She is making a recipe from a new cookbook that she bought called "Traditional family meals".

Yoshino invites all of the people she wants to attend, Shido, with Kotori's help, gets the arrangements prepared; which is renting out a building that is big enough for everyone to fit into with room to move, and gathering the food which will need to be enough for over ten people.

She is reading to improve her reading skills since she wants to read t stories to her future child.

While she is preparing herself for that day, Yoshino still doesn't feel ready enough to even consider having child yet.

Ever since her wife training, Yoshino has become much more confident in herself, and can't wait to become Shido's official wife.

Yoshino is cooking a simple meal of baked chicken strips and a salad, with ice cream as dessert.

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He cuts off the burned skin off the chicken, cuts it up in smaller chunks, and then mixes the chicken with the salad. Yoshino is a little disappointed at first, but Shido assures her that it was an accident, and adds."Remember, before I got my job, I was the cook. Hahaha, I guess I should be thanking you."Yoshino puts her smile back on and tells Shido about her idea.

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