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Dallas tv series 1978 online dating

look, the clip is not even in it" - just before putting a pistol to his temple and pulling the trigger. - NBA coach Dick Motta NBA coach Dick Motta The FBI set up "Abdul Enterprises, Ltd." and posed as Middle Eastern businessmen.

They videotaped talks with government officials, where they offered money in return for political favors to a fictional middle eastern businessman.

I'm a Kennedy", it was not until 2002 that he was convicted. The Canadian Museum of Nature fabricated a heist story to cover up the fact that they'd misplaced their Goodwill Moon Rock.

The story was only given to one person- Jaymie Matthews, who'd delivered it 4 years earlier.

Nearly all of the cuts found on the sonar dome contained remnants of sharp, curved claws found on suction cups of squid tentacles.

About 500 old films dating from 1910 to 1921 have been uncovered.

11 US government officials were out of a job after this bribery and conspiracy scandal.

There has been some debate about 3M's Post-it notes.

This treasure trove includes long lost newsreels of World War 1, and many long lost silent movies.

Before the casting of Christopher Reeve as Superman in the 1978 film, Burt Reynolds, Sylvester Stallone, James Caan, Christopher Walken, Nick Nolte, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Jenner were all potentials for the part.

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Three days later he died, having been shot in the leg with a sophisticated umbrella-gun loaded with a bullet containing ricin poison.