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To verify this actually event occuring there is a foto of the 3 sitting at i believe the roxy.Evidently the new, wave of cook and jones quizzed pete about cars, bird,s and all the other indulgences of rock stardom.As for Brandon's question about the final verse (on the album version, not the single release) about "Spit out like a sewer" I think this is probably about him getting back to his long suffering wife the following morning! I've read all the comments listed below and Neil from London is the only one Who got it right. Something with the line "spit out like a sewer hole, but I still receive your kiss." What gives and how does this verse fit in with the rest of the song???Ryan from Eaton, are you sure you listened to "Who Are You? But the lyrics are sort of...........well, Paul Simon will always be a better lyricist. um..vincent that's impossible considering this song was released in 1978.There was a settlement that day in London with Klien that made the entire band solvent millionaires for the first time.(although Klien or his estate i believe to this day continues to get paid on a portion of the caltalogue) Pete feeling the ambiguity of finally being paid what he was worth vs, the bands relevance with the "punk" expolsion of 1986 wandered from the meeting into SOHO, and preceded to get loaded at a well known happening music club.The Policeman was a British Bobby and The fight with the sex Pistols was in LONDON not New York.

Sources,( probably jones and cook) insist that pete in his cups continued after numerous corrections to call them both johnny and rotten assuming he was speaking to John Lydon, who obviously would have been more receptive to being the new guard.) So at the end of the day, the version that camed out was about a dreadfully hungover Pete returning home 3rd verse you got me?

Even though they only had one Top 10 record, eleven of their albums made the Top 10 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart... I always thought he meant that when he was in the club he saw the sex pistols perform and seeing that they were very popular and having never heard of them himself realized that he was being replaced as a popular artist and was saying who the f___k are you to the sex pistols Not debating any possible meaning(s) of the song.

Sadly, two original members have passed away; Keith John Moon and John Alec Entwistle ... But there was an article that stated that Pete wrote the lyrics just to see how many times he could get Roger to sing the band's name in a single one seems to get that "who are you" isn't a question, it's a statement to the Sex Pistols saying "The Who are you" as in The Who are The Sex Pistols, The Who are the original punks.----HERB IN NY: you are so right it's gotta be HOUND!!!!

It's his vision of the future in which we're all still at each others' throats. EVERYONE IS WRONG SOHO that he is speaking of is London's Soho in the UK.

Won't Get Fooled Again is about the death of naivete; it refutes anti-intellectualism. The Tin Pan is Londons Tin Pan Alley on Denmark Street in Londons West End where Petes Studio was.

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It's addressed to Cook and Jones (Who are these upstarts, who would never have played a not had not Townshend picked up a guitar more than a decade back? The song refers to an incident at the Speakeasy Club in London (a well known meeting place for established rock musicians) when a very drunk Pete Townshend, tortured by the Who's "selling out" was bemused to see Cook and Jones and started haranguing them telling them "You've got to take over where the Who left off- and this time you've got to finish the f***ing job". He was telling them that they were the future of music and they had to take the "baton". " preaching from my chair "This, to me, is the best song by the Who.

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