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100 minimal dating site in cuba

• Engines benefit from a well maintained cooling system and are generally complex pieces of kit in V12 guise, so regular maintenance is a must.Bearing noises, knocking on start-up or excessive smoke could indicate an expensive repair bill.While any of the variants are a good bet if your sole criteria are a smooth V12 engine and an even smoother ride, Series II models should be approached with caution due to their indifferent build quality.The last of the line models are desirable for their more modern underpinnings however the originals Series I’s shape is the clincher for those that prefer a more traditional look.Fast gear changes and quick responses were not their forte, however they suit the nature of the cars very well.• The suspension layouts are complex, especially at the rear with brake disks being mounted inboard. Clunking or jarring on pull off may indicate a worn propshaft or universal joint and this is worth getting checked out by a technician if you hear any suspicious noises.Exterior changes were made to the grille which became a shallower item and the bumpers were raised to follow US regulations of the time.

The Double Six was reintroduced in this shape close to the end of Jaguar production and these models featured an uprated 6 litre V12 with 313bhp as well as a host of internal design upgrades.Such was its cachet that a bespoke long wheelbase version was used as Queen Elizabeth’s official vehicle for a number of years.Daimler production began soon after the Jaguar XJ was launched and shadowed its updates and facelifts along the way too.• As with the Jaguar models of the same era, reliability is not a strong point.As long as they are regularly loked after by a specialist, they are generally wee behaved today. Problem areas are many and even the most hardened Daimler enthusiast will soon be weeping into a significantly lightened wallet if they do not give a potential purchase a thorough inspection.

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The Daimler Motor Company is possibly the oldest British motoring name around, dating from 1896 it has been through more ups and downs than most, at its peak it provided elegant transport for Royals in the ‘20s and ‘30s to a low period post war where a number of owners including BSA, Ford and British Leyland failed to reverse its ailing fortunes.